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India- Providing a Cleaner Health For the Future

Children and families were saved in India – Thank you for the support to enable us to provide over 100 water filters.

Below is a brief story of how the water filters have helped provide easy access and sanitary water conditions for children and families in India. Thank you to the families in India who have shared your pictures and told India 3 water 4 lifeIndia 2 water for lifeIndia water 4 lifehow the water filters have made an impact in your community.

There is a shortage of water and no proper water channel to the villages to bring in clean and hygienic water. Water tanks provided, remain unclean over years and the water is borne with disease causing bacteria, therefore lots of villagers are prone to various viral and bacterial infections.

The water filters help them get access to clean water easily, and they do not have to boil water, so they are saving their firewood and time. Also it can be easily moved around and occupies less space hence makes it convenient for children to use it and ensure they are drinking water at all times.



Water4Life is eternally grateful for the support in providing water filters, and the love to keep on going.

Thank you.


Slums in Bangkok

BWFL-2Our founder and team are distributing more water filters in the slums in Bangkok. There are over 700 children and people living in this one slum and there are 4 that they will be visiting over the next 2 days.
The older man in the one photo is the Chairman who will be setting up water filter stations in 12 locations so the people can have easy access to safe water for really the first time in their lives. He was so very thankful to be able to provide safe drinking water to the families living in his slum.
The children are sooooooo very precious!!!!
God Bless these beautiful people.

Keep scrolling down for more photos! 


Day 1 in Siem Reap Cambodia: 28 Water Filters – Over 700 people with Clean Waters

BWFL-22 BWFL-28 BWFL-56We spent the entire day distributing 28 life saving water filters to various families living on and around the main floating village in Siem Reap where the water on the lake goes up and down by 12 feet. This is also where the amazing Temples are located in which many visitors come from all over the world to see.
This is the low season for the water, and this means the water is at the peak of contamination. Last time we were here the structures were covered with water. This time we drove right up in our van, which is very strange for me. The last time we were visiting these homes by boat…very strange feeling for me.
Approximately 700+ children/family members are now drinking safe water ( this one photo shows 5 of the families ) mostly small children. The children are running all around us to see, of course, what surprises we have for them. You would love to see the joy on the childrens’ faces as I give them bubbles. It is so precious, and special for me, to see the fun and love that these children have, and so graciously share with us.
We have packed days! For the next 8 days, we are distributing filters here in Cambodia. Then we take off got 14 days in Thailand, mainly in the slums and small villages/orphanges.
Please, keep coming back to see updates and more photos. I’m so very thankful to all of our supporters so we could bring 200 filters with us on this trip and 50 more will be waiting for us in Thailand – bringing safe drinking water to thousands!
Happy New year សួស្ដីឆ្នាំថ្មី

The Slums of Nairobi,Kenya Need Our Help!

         Thousands of People Living in the Slums of Nairobi,Kenya Need Our Help        

I just got back end of July from 3 weeks in Kenya and even though it feels good to be back home with all that we are spoiled with ( we are so Blessed here to have what we have )  I deeply miss the children and beautiful people in Kenya and want to go back next year and I would love for you to go with me.                                                                                                            

We spent most of our last day distributing water filters and food to the families in one of 4 slums in Nairobi and it was heart breaking (see photo below.) Even though we saw a lot of poverty everywhere we went in Kenya where peoDSC_1103ple are living on less than $2/day; while other people living in Kenya at least have beautiful green surroundings and are able to grow their own food. The homes in the slums are truly devastating.

In the slums nothing is green, everything is dirty and brown, sewage and smells everywhere and families of 6 or more are just just surviving day by day in a room that is no more than 24ft sq…I’m serious, the size of most smaller dining rooms here… You wonder how they do it right? But they do somehow!!


On the plane back, God put on my heart to focus getting safe water and soap for good hygiene to all the precious little children and family members-starting with this slum. The good news is, we spent the day with a wonderful new friend Lilian, who lives in this slum with her 3 children and I spoke to her to be our main contact to make this happen!! A giant smile came over her face, she is so very thankful and excited to work with us to help the people in her slum….the need is so great!!







Please, click on this link below to see more picture from Water4Life Ministry.

Thank you.

More Than 1,000,000 Critically Affected by Flooding in Myanmar…Their Biggest Problem is Access to Clean Safe Drinking Water!

Thanks to your loving generous hearts, we were able to send 340 water filters to the suffering 2e8cb3ca-a480-4106-844c-245b30a46158children/families in Nepal right after the earthquakes.

Please help us now, to send 500 water filters to the children/family members suffering from the flooding and landslides in Myanmar!  (Myanmar also known as Burma is located next to Thailand).

For every $100 contribution 4 water filters will be sent to children/families saving thousands at risk of dying from waterborne illnesses!


This young girl’s face is full of terror…can you imagine! Heavy monsoon rains that began in late June – compounded by Cyclone Komen – have triggered some of Myanmar’s worst flash floods and landslides ever.

I wish I was there to love on these precious children. With flooding most all of the water sources are contaminated and the crops are destroyed which means a shortage of food and safe clean drinking water. They will need help for months to come!


Our partner, Empow er International ( ) have people on the ground in Myanmar ready to distribute our lifesaving water filters to children/families in need of safe clean drinking water.


Please help us save these children/family members from sickness and death!!! 

Clink the link below to donate.

Thank you for your generous support!

Please call me. I would love to talk to you about our goal to help the families in Myanmar.  – Rudy


(858) 215-0801

Our Water filters reach children on the Ivory Coast!!

Great news from our partners at YWAM! Our filters have made it to the Ivory Coast!

water4 (2)

YWAM outreach teams distributed four filters to two elementary schools, a church, and a YWAM (Youth with a Mission) base that works in the surrounding community providing approx providing approx 400 gallons of safe drinking water every 8 hours/day for children to drink.

DSC_0285 (2)

Children whose water had been deemed undrinkable by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) can now enjoy clean safe drinking water free of the risk of contracting hepatitis A, typhoid, and cholera where these water filters were distributed.

water1 (2)

Please help us to continue to provide safe drinking water to the suffering children/family members in the world!

School Childen

Thank you for helping us… Donate here:

More Earthquakes Hit Nepal

Over 8,000 children/family members have died. Thousands of children are
at risk of dying from waterborne illness.

NEPAL NEEDS OUR HELP!…we have sent 250 filters, please help us send 250 more here and donate to help…thank you!
We have raised over $10K and have sent over 250 water filters to the suffering in Nepal … 100 have already been distributed to families with 150 arriving with teams by early next week.
Please open your heart now, to help us send another 250 water filters to help mothers feed their babies/children safe water.
You and I are so blessed that we are enjoying life each morning! Please, please open your heart now to do your part to help these precious lives!!!
Thank you so much….Rudy

On April 25 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck near Nepal’s densely populated capital, Kathmandu. The quake has caused widespread devastation and loss of life, affecting communities in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. It is the worst disaster to hit Nepal since 1934.
Thousands have come together to aide in Nepal’s earthquake recovery.

They must rebuild their lives from the rubble. 
IT IS CRITICAL THAT EACH OF US do our part to ensure that every woman, man and child will have safe clean drinking water. 

Our filter partner Sawyer/Birang is located in Nepal and
HAS AGREED TO DISTRIBUTE THE FILTERS WE PURCHASE IMMEDIATELY to the hurting children and families within days of you making your donation. They have quoted us a special price of $40 per filter.
Each filter will provide over 1 million gallons of clean drinking water.
Our partner is Birang in Nepal.  Click here to see their website.


Many of these precious children live in remote areas with no food, no water and no government support. Thousands of people have been displaced and are living in makeshift refugee camps.

“The health and well-being of children are hanging in the balance … With the monsoon season only a few weeks away, children will be at heightened risk of diseases like  cholera and diarrhoeal infections …” (UNICEF)

Help us here: