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Nemaste from Nepal….

March 26, 2017
We drove over 3 hours over some pretty rugged dirt roads yesterday winding down into a valley…pretty scary at times since we were inches from 100 ft drops, I kept praying for God to protect us and he did!! Here are some photos from our day..That’s my daughter Kysha and me in the background of one of the photos.
On these adventures/trips you a lot of times, put your life and your loved ones, this time my daughter Kysha in the hands of a complete stranger who is driving the IMG_0541vehicle. I’m as careful as I can be of course and always use strong vehicles like 4 WD Jeep….very important detail on mountain roads with sheer drop offs.
We met 19 teachers at one school who most walked at least 3 to 4 hours to join us, so we could give them filters and buckets to take back to their schools ( each school has from 100 to 500 students grade 4 to 12 ) You will see the teachers assembled in one or two of the photos….they were very very thankful to be able to take the filters and buckets back to their schools. The people here are very loving and passionate about life and towards each other and visitors….we find everyone very peaceful with life here. 
Blessings and Hugs Rudy

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