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For the Love of Sisters

February 14, 2016

Our Founder Rudy was in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in January distributing our water filters and his partner on the ground told him about a dad and his two daughters who are enslaved by a brick factory owner… Please click below and like the story to see what happens next….

I couldn’t wait to share this exciting news with you.

We left Siem Reap at 5am and drove six hours to Phnom Penh, where we met Tong and Mark my contacts here who save girls from the horror of the sex industry, we went to their safe haven home for girls and there was 18 young girls there (3 who they just took in because their dad is now a slave.)

So Tong and Mark at dinner was telling me about how three of the girls (3, 5 and 6) are sisters for a family of five sisters and the other 2 sisters are enslaved by a brick mfg company with their dad for hard labor making bricks each day. They are only 10 and 12 years old. So what happened is their dad early last year, borrowed around $400 for medical bills and meds and they could never pay it back and the interest grows and grows, which then they have to work for this evil man making bricks each day and can never escape (this is how these evil men get their slaves for labor) so they are slaves on his compound. He has other men who will go look for the family if they run away, aIMG_6372nd beat them up and drag them back. The 12 year old was raped, and this is a prolonging and giant problem in India as you probably know, but I had no idea it was happening here too.

So I ask Tong, how much would you need to buy their freedom and he said about $400 for all three…..
But he said part of the problem is the dad would need to figure out how to make a few dollars each day to feed the two daughters with him and then the three that are in there home and money to pay for a tiny room to live in. Then I asked him “What is your plan for this family to free them and help the dad get a job?”

So they said, they are trying to raise $2K so they can free the three of them and get a tuk tuk for the dad to have a business to take care of his five daughters, so of course I said we will give you the $2K…I just gave him the money.
He said it will take about a week to do all the paperwork to legally free them to join the other 3 little sisters. I’m going to change our plans and try and come back here before we leave so we can meet the family. The three little sisters are so precious and we can’t wait to see them all together again…they have been apart for about a year. Mark and Tong will continue to send me updates on this precious family and of course I will be sure to share them with you.

Mark and Tong are doing such amazing work here, they are incredible strong Believers and we met Marks wife and two little boys last night who of course live here. They are soooo brave and God has placed on their hearts to spend their lives saving as many young girls as they can from this horror.

Praise God!!!

We are giving them 40 of the filters we brought and I’m going to do my best to ship at least 50 each month to Mark and Tong. They can use as many as we can ship them. One of the key things they do is getting safe drinking water to families here to help prevent the sickness in the families that causes a lot of these girls to be sold into this evil horror for just $100 because of the need for money for doctors and meds. You just want to cry your eyes out when you see these little precious lives, but you can’t, so you just show them love and let them know that Jesus loves them.

Please check back by end of February to see photos and updated story of these precious 5 little girls and their dad being reunited again….Praise God!!

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