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India- Providing a Cleaner Health For the Future

January 28, 2016

Children and families were saved in India – Thank you for the support to enable us to provide over 100 water filters.

Below is a brief story of how the water filters have helped provide easy access and sanitary water conditions for children and families in India. Thank you to the families in India who have shared your pictures and told India 3 water 4 lifeIndia 2 water for lifeIndia water 4 lifehow the water filters have made an impact in your community.

There is a shortage of water and no proper water channel to the villages to bring in clean and hygienic water. Water tanks provided, remain unclean over years and the water is borne with disease causing bacteria, therefore lots of villagers are prone to various viral and bacterial infections.

The water filters help them get access to clean water easily, and they do not have to boil water, so they are saving their firewood and time. Also it can be easily moved around and occupies less space hence makes it convenient for children to use it and ensure they are drinking water at all times.



Water4Life is eternally grateful for the support in providing water filters, and the love to keep on going.

Thank you.


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