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The Slums of Nairobi,Kenya Need Our Help!

November 5, 2015

         Thousands of People Living in the Slums of Nairobi,Kenya Need Our Help        

I just got back end of July from 3 weeks in Kenya and even though it feels good to be back home with all that we are spoiled with ( we are so Blessed here to have what we have )  I deeply miss the children and beautiful people in Kenya and want to go back next year and I would love for you to go with me.                                                                                                            

We spent most of our last day distributing water filters and food to the families in one of 4 slums in Nairobi and it was heart breaking (see photo below.) Even though we saw a lot of poverty everywhere we went in Kenya where peoDSC_1103ple are living on less than $2/day; while other people living in Kenya at least have beautiful green surroundings and are able to grow their own food. The homes in the slums are truly devastating.

In the slums nothing is green, everything is dirty and brown, sewage and smells everywhere and families of 6 or more are just just surviving day by day in a room that is no more than 24ft sq…I’m serious, the size of most smaller dining rooms here… You wonder how they do it right? But they do somehow!!


On the plane back, God put on my heart to focus getting safe water and soap for good hygiene to all the precious little children and family members-starting with this slum. The good news is, we spent the day with a wonderful new friend Lilian, who lives in this slum with her 3 children and I spoke to her to be our main contact to make this happen!! A giant smile came over her face, she is so very thankful and excited to work with us to help the people in her slum….the need is so great!!







Please, click on this link below to see more picture from Water4Life Ministry.

Thank you.

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