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Alisha our Yemen partner

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with you this heart touching video Alisha our Yemen partner just sent me thanking us for helping to finally get 2,000 water filters on their way to Yemen, who has the worst Cholera breakout in the world. 

We funded 700 of the 2K filters, our 2nd donation of 700 filters to Aisha and donated $4K to cover 1/2 the shipping/customs cost to get these life saving and life changing filters to the suffering in Yemen. This is our largest single project to date and will help over 10K children/family members have safe, clean drinking water starting end of June/July…Praise God!!


Nemaste from Nepal….

We drove over 3 hours over some pretty rugged dirt roads yesterday winding down into a valley…pretty scary at times since we were inches from 100 ft drops, I kept praying for God to protect us and he did!! Here are some photos from our day..That’s my daughter Kysha and me in the background of one of the photos.
On these adventures/trips you a lot of times, put your life and your loved ones, this time my daughter Kysha in the hands of a complete stranger who is driving the IMG_0541vehicle. I’m as careful as I can be of course and always use strong vehicles like 4 WD Jeep….very important detail on mountain roads with sheer drop offs.
We met 19 teachers at one school who most walked at least 3 to 4 hours to join us, so we could give them filters and buckets to take back to their schools ( each school has from 100 to 500 students grade 4 to 12 ) You will see the teachers assembled in one or two of the photos….they were very very thankful to be able to take the filters and buckets back to their schools. The people here are very loving and passionate about life and towards each other and visitors….we find everyone very peaceful with life here. 
Blessings and Hugs Rudy

Filters Arrive in Haiti

We have sent 600 water filters so far to our partners on the ground in Haiti, and we are now helping thousands of children and family members drink safe water.

haiti-3Due to the severe flooding the children and even adults get diarrhea because of the quality of water they used to drink. Their animals used the same water source they have there to drink, and Colorea is feared to be the big killer of children and adults. Over the next few months our water filters will help to eliminate Colorea from the drinking water sources.

Please help us send more filters to our partners to distribute to the worst hit areas of Haiti!

Please donate by clicking this link

Thank you









Please read how you can help 4,100 children and family members have access to safe water and protect young girls.

Girl and bucket -Elijah 1

Dear brother Rudy,

Glad to hear from you again! Thank you Water4life Ministry for considering drilling a well for serving our village with clean water.
I remember last time in your trip we walked together on to the source a far distance to witness the kind of water we are taking! And the distance we travel. Other families work far than we worked. They work a distance of 2-3 miles in search of water and of which is not good enough for human consumption. At times it courses water borne diseases…which cause many lives to death.
The Well will serve 800 families plus 2500 Children. 4100 and more people will benefit from a drilled well. What a wonderful Blessing this will be for all of us…God Bless you all….
Pastor Elijah.

Please help us.
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Gathering water from strem 2

Thank you 3

Support Taysia in Raising Money for Water Filters

10016363_1458349950.2775Please help our Founder Rudy Shaffer’s daughter Taysia take as many water filters to Nepal as possible. He is so proud of her, because raising her own funding for water filters was all her idea.

Please click on the link below to be directed to the donation page on GoFundMe.

Thank you!

Please click on the link below to be directed to the donation page on GoFundMe.


Help Stop Young Women from Being Raped and Killed Walking to Get Water

Help stop young women from being raped and killed walking to get water.

Young girls and women in Kenya walk miles all day long to find water and then bring it back to their village. Please help us to stop this dangerous work

I did this with them when I was there July last year and it is back breaking work in the hot sun. For many this is what they do all day long, every day, walking back and forth and the dangers are being raped on the walk and being attacked by animals thand other dangers!

Drilling a well will stop this from happening. Each well will cost $4K drilled up to 200 ft. This is a great price, all other prices we have been hearing over the past 2 years is $6K to $8K. Praise God, we now have a great partner that another NGO recommended and we need to raise $20K to drill at least 5 wells in 5 different villages.

Please, please take the time to read each of these emails below to see what a well will do for their children and people in these villages and how excited and thankful they are that we are going to finally give them a well and decide to help us.

Email from Rusia in Kenya:
Thanks brother Rudy for the kind email and for offering to fund a giant water tank for this village of three hundred children with quite adult like seven hundred. The tank will placed on government school to serve whole village. The name of the village is kimai village.
Also with drilling of a well is a different much larger village with small market near by it has around 700familes and about 2000 children. The village is called Bomasai village, it is on highland with difficulty of water is dire. The drilling of water will serve mass community members and reduce children’s deaths due to walking miles to get water and drinking of dirty water causing sickness and death.
I welcome you back to kenya and my request is to spend with us more days this time and move around with to show you various projects done by water for life and others. Greet your family and water for life.

Email from Elijah:
Dear brother Rudy,
Glad to hear from you again! Thank you Water4life Ministries for considering drilling a well for each of us for serving our villages with clean water.
Yes I remember last time in your trip we walked together on to the source a far distance to witness the kind of water we are taking! And the distance we travel. Other families work far than we worked. They work a distance of 2-3 miles in search of water and of which is not good enough for human consumption. At times it courses water borne diseases…which cause many lives to death.
The Well will serve 800 families plus 2500 Children. 4100 and more people will benefit from a drilled well.
Hope that this will help you find out on what is needed to be done.
Pastor Elijah.

Email from Susan:
Hello Brother Rudy,
I always thank God for you.
I’m well and also the God’s community that I work for.
When you wrote about drilling wells. I could not believe I was seeing those two great words. Very exciting indeed.
There is a village that is about an hour’s drive from where our project is, and which we shared our water filters with.
This particular community is in a serious need of water. The dirty water they have access to is about 10 kilometres away.
Please Rudy, accept that God has sent you to this community to give life to them.
According to Government statistics, there are 824 homesteads or families with a total of over 2540 members.
I trust God for plans you have for this great community to get WATER FOR LIFE through you.
I am particularly very excited and will pray with you for the project to succeed.
Meanwhile, in case you need photos of that area, kindly feel free to ask. It is quite a distance but I will volunteer to provide them.
Again, your assistant in Kenya can visit the area with me if you ask him.
I truly and sincerely pray for you and your family always.
God bless you.

Click on the link below to be directed to our donation page.

Thank you and God Bless.

For the Love of Sisters

Our Founder Rudy was in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in January distributing our water filters and his partner on the ground told him about a dad and his two daughters who are enslaved by a brick factory owner… Please click below and like the story to see what happens next….

I couldn’t wait to share this exciting news with you.

We left Siem Reap at 5am and drove six hours to Phnom Penh, where we met Tong and Mark my contacts here who save girls from the horror of the sex industry, we went to their safe haven home for girls and there was 18 young girls there (3 who they just took in because their dad is now a slave.)

So Tong and Mark at dinner was telling me about how three of the girls (3, 5 and 6) are sisters for a family of five sisters and the other 2 sisters are enslaved by a brick mfg company with their dad for hard labor making bricks each day. They are only 10 and 12 years old. So what happened is their dad early last year, borrowed around $400 for medical bills and meds and they could never pay it back and the interest grows and grows, which then they have to work for this evil man making bricks each day and can never escape (this is how these evil men get their slaves for labor) so they are slaves on his compound. He has other men who will go look for the family if they run away, aIMG_6372nd beat them up and drag them back. The 12 year old was raped, and this is a prolonging and giant problem in India as you probably know, but I had no idea it was happening here too.

So I ask Tong, how much would you need to buy their freedom and he said about $400 for all three…..
But he said part of the problem is the dad would need to figure out how to make a few dollars each day to feed the two daughters with him and then the three that are in there home and money to pay for a tiny room to live in. Then I asked him “What is your plan for this family to free them and help the dad get a job?”

So they said, they are trying to raise $2K so they can free the three of them and get a tuk tuk for the dad to have a business to take care of his five daughters, so of course I said we will give you the $2K…I just gave him the money.
He said it will take about a week to do all the paperwork to legally free them to join the other 3 little sisters. I’m going to change our plans and try and come back here before we leave so we can meet the family. The three little sisters are so precious and we can’t wait to see them all together again…they have been apart for about a year. Mark and Tong will continue to send me updates on this precious family and of course I will be sure to share them with you.

Mark and Tong are doing such amazing work here, they are incredible strong Believers and we met Marks wife and two little boys last night who of course live here. They are soooo brave and God has placed on their hearts to spend their lives saving as many young girls as they can from this horror.

Praise God!!!

We are giving them 40 of the filters we brought and I’m going to do my best to ship at least 50 each month to Mark and Tong. They can use as many as we can ship them. One of the key things they do is getting safe drinking water to families here to help prevent the sickness in the families that causes a lot of these girls to be sold into this evil horror for just $100 because of the need for money for doctors and meds. You just want to cry your eyes out when you see these little precious lives, but you can’t, so you just show them love and let them know that Jesus loves them.

Please check back by end of February to see photos and updated story of these precious 5 little girls and their dad being reunited again….Praise God!!

India- Providing a Cleaner Health For the Future

Children and families were saved in India – Thank you for the support to enable us to provide over 100 water filters.

Below is a brief story of how the water filters have helped provide easy access and sanitary water conditions for children and families in India. Thank you to the families in India who have shared your pictures and told India 3 water 4 lifeIndia 2 water for lifeIndia water 4 lifehow the water filters have made an impact in your community.

There is a shortage of water and no proper water channel to the villages to bring in clean and hygienic water. Water tanks provided, remain unclean over years and the water is borne with disease causing bacteria, therefore lots of villagers are prone to various viral and bacterial infections.

The water filters help them get access to clean water easily, and they do not have to boil water, so they are saving their firewood and time. Also it can be easily moved around and occupies less space hence makes it convenient for children to use it and ensure they are drinking water at all times.



Water4Life is eternally grateful for the support in providing water filters, and the love to keep on going.

Thank you.


Slums in Bangkok

BWFL-2Our founder and team are distributing more water filters in the slums in Bangkok. There are over 700 children and people living in this one slum and there are 4 that they will be visiting over the next 2 days.
The older man in the one photo is the Chairman who will be setting up water filter stations in 12 locations so the people can have easy access to safe water for really the first time in their lives. He was so very thankful to be able to provide safe drinking water to the families living in his slum.
The children are sooooooo very precious!!!!
God Bless these beautiful people.

Keep scrolling down for more photos! 


Day 1 in Siem Reap Cambodia: 28 Water Filters – Over 700 people with Clean Waters

BWFL-22 BWFL-28 BWFL-56We spent the entire day distributing 28 life saving water filters to various families living on and around the main floating village in Siem Reap where the water on the lake goes up and down by 12 feet. This is also where the amazing Temples are located in which many visitors come from all over the world to see.
This is the low season for the water, and this means the water is at the peak of contamination. Last time we were here the structures were covered with water. This time we drove right up in our van, which is very strange for me. The last time we were visiting these homes by boat…very strange feeling for me.
Approximately 700+ children/family members are now drinking safe water ( this one photo shows 5 of the families ) mostly small children. The children are running all around us to see, of course, what surprises we have for them. You would love to see the joy on the childrens’ faces as I give them bubbles. It is so precious, and special for me, to see the fun and love that these children have, and so graciously share with us.
We have packed days! For the next 8 days, we are distributing filters here in Cambodia. Then we take off got 14 days in Thailand, mainly in the slums and small villages/orphanges.
Please, keep coming back to see updates and more photos. I’m so very thankful to all of our supporters so we could bring 200 filters with us on this trip and 50 more will be waiting for us in Thailand – bringing safe drinking water to thousands!
Happy New year សួស្ដីឆ្នាំថ្មី